Twenty years ago two partners came together from Spain and Ireland with a dream as big as New York. Since then, combining big agency experience and talent with boutique attention to detail, speed and flexibility, we are helping clients make it here and all over the world.

Welcome to SBA.

We are a full-service advertising agency with a flat organization structure designed for better collaboration and custom-fit client service. Interesting people with a range of backgrounds makes for an innovative culture that fosters more creative work.

Take a look around and see what we mean.


Nothing is off the rack at SBA. We listen to what you need and create a process to get it done.
No tried and tired methodologies here. We have the ability to conceptualize, design and execute campaigns across the full spectrum of ever evolving media platforms.

Marketing Strategy  •  Creative Storytelling  •  Branding  •  Advertising  •  Media Planning & Buying  •  Graphic Design
UX/UI Design  •  Web Design & Development  •  Motion Graphics  •  Copywriting  •  Experiential/Events

At SBA everything is integrated. Left hands know what right hands are up to before anyone moves. Clients tell us they find us responsive and easy to work with. We assume that’s part of the reason they tend to stay with us for the long haul. Add to that a rich support network that lets us provide deep agency resources without big agency overhead costs.

Who We Are

Philip Byrne

Creative Director

“I enjoy collaborating with clients. It’s always interesting to listen and learn how they view their products or services and how they see the challenges and advantages in the marketplace. We always try to have some concepts that push clients a little outside their comfort zone. Some clients will be dismissive and others intrigued. It’s usually the intrigued clients that become true partners and allow us to create something extraordinary together.”


Carmen Soubriet

Creative Director

“My favorite part of starting a new project is the discipline of discovering some pieces of information that will guide you to find the perfect solution. Then I love figuring out what are the missing parts and how to assemble them in order to create something different and persuasive. With all the new channels and tools out there, it is still important to me that the creative or ‘Big Idea’ is still at the core of any campaign, and not just a trendy new technology.”


Bláthnaid Conroy

Art Director

“SBA is a very special agency to work in, one you don’t find often in New York. At each step of the creative process every member of the team is invited to contribute. The environment that has been created here is unique because of the emphasis on fun and openness, which means that both clients and staff feel comfortable, and in turn this leads to greater input and interaction with projects from all sides.”


Kierston Kamps

Account Director

“I love the beginning of the creative process when we are all invited to throw out ideas no matter how crazy or out there they might be. Throughout the project, we are having a constant conversation with the client about their goals and challenges. This helps to shape the work and guarantee solutions that are new and unique to each client. I love seeing our work come to life and know that you had a hand in making it happen.”


Jade Hamilton

Account Executive

“Collaborative work is the name of the game at SBA. Our unique backgrounds allow for diverse ideas and tackling our client’s challenges in resourceful and inspiring ways. I am excited to be part of a team that promotes open discussion and teamwork, truly values client partnerships, and passionately delivers solutions.”


Angela Hui

Media Director

“I love to listen to clients and help them as a partner in their journey to be effective in their role(s). I really enjoy the discovery phase of learning a new topic/brand/category and applying marketing strategies to stand out from the competitive landscape. SBA is very team-centric and feels like a family that I enjoy working and playing with.”


Bima Saridjo

Media Research

“What worked six months ago might not work today; I love analyzing data and discovering new trends. Collaborating with clients and building relationships based on trust is really satisfying.”


Mike McKenna

Brand Strategy

“I love doing creative work that gets results. At SBA I found like-minded professionals who work to craft the right messages for the right targets in the right communication channels. It’s a truly integrated approach that works. The SBA team also stays on top of the latest tools and trends and then applies proven disciplines and techniques to get surprising outcomes. It’s the right model for the times we live and work in, and makes coming to work every day challenging, rewarding and fun!”


Gina Bruce


“Our clients really know their stuff. They understand their products or services from the inside. Collaborating with clients combines their unique perspective with our outside POV. Every project is like a puzzle that needs to be solved. Some are easy; some are difficult. But I am always happy that clients put their faith in us to come up with memorable, effective solutions and I go out of my way to ensure that I deliver on their trust.”



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